What Am I Up To? Oh, You Know, Spy Stuff

It’s been a while since I told anybody what I’m up to writing-wise so hear goes. Just now, I’m rewriting Red Coat Running. If you have one of the old World Castle Publications editions, I’d recommend holding on to it…it may be worth something someday.

That old version got twenty-two reviews on Amazon with an average three and a half star rating. Not bad for my first attempt at a spy novel. Unlike my science fiction, Red Coat Running is the story of fictitious U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent Shawn Riggs during the very real Berlin Blockade and Airlift of 1948. As a retired special agent myself, I’ll say this book is as accurate as I can make it without going to jail. Besides…I wasn’t even alive in 1948!

The novel is also intended as a tribute to all the men and women who’ve served in the oldest American intelligence agency; U.S. Army Intelligence (the C.I.A. came much later). Although well-received on the first pass, Red Coat Running was only 64,000 words and most major publishers want to see a manuscript of 80,000 to 100,000 words in length. I am determined to expand the story by making it deeper and richer without adding fluff or filler. As of today, I’m at 76,234 words and am pleased with how it’s shaping up.

Hopefully, I will have it done by summer 2020, and then I intend to go shopping for an agent. So, if anyone out there knows a good literary agency looking for spy fiction by an ex-spook, feel free to let me know 🙂

By Clayton J. Callahan




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