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As you can see, I’ve written on a wide range of subjects… from space stories to spy stories. You’re likely to find something you like. I even have a few games and a non-fiction work up for grabs. All of these books can be found on Amazon at:

The Screaming Eagle is a hardscrabble bar at the edge of human colonization. Veterans are welcome, but others can come too if they want. This includes a lost grad student from Earth.
The kid’s had a rough time out on the ragged frontier; he barely survived a raider attack before stumbling into the bar with a gut full of guilt. Now it’s up to the old spacers of the Screaming Eagle to help get the poor kid back on his feet. They better do it quick too, or the guy might not survive what just walked in the door.


1948…It’s the Cold War, day one and nobody knows what the rules are. This is especially true for the Americans, who don’t even have a working national spy agency yet. Into the shadows steps Agent Shawn Riggs of the US Army Counterintelligence Corps. He’s a soldier on a mission; catch a renegade MI6 agent, code name “Red Coat,” before the traitor can reach Moscow. But the mission isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Soon, Shawn finds himself caught deep in communist territory, chased by the secret police and wanted for desertion by his own army.


In space, no one can hear you burp. And that’s good when your smuggling beer past the despotic Isis Regime. Lucky Jack Galloway has been getting away with this lucrative crime for a long time now. His secret? Never get involved in anyone else’s problems. And that’s worked out great for him…up to now.

Beer Today Gone Tomorrow is a close encounter of the personal kind. This short story links the characters in Tales of The Screaming Eagle with The Adventures of Crazy Liddy. Enjoy responsibly.


The legend of Lord Oisin was well known in Balie. His heroic defense of the town against the Viking raiders was the stuff of story and song. And, it was said that his spirit still dwells within the ruins of his great castle, Cahir Mullach.
But in more modern times, war seems less heroic. Thousands of unnamed redcoats are now returning from the ill-fated American War, one Michael Snodgrass included. Unwanted by a country that wishes to forget defeat, he now marches across Ireland at an indifferent King’s bidding.
And when a cantankerous bureaucrat sends poor Michael to be quartered in the ruins of Cahir Mullach, he has no choice but to obey…and neither does his host. For the King’s law is clear and any subject must make welcome a soldier who holds an official billet in hand…to include a subject now eight hundred years dead.


Battlefields CoverArt

With HO figures available ranging from Trojan warriors to modern troops, this game covers them all. Choose from any historic conflict, create your armies, then match them in
battle with your friends over soda and chips (or pretzels and beer).
The rules are fast moving and create an exciting tempo of play that realistically simulates the tactical dilemmas of skirmish combat. All you need is some commonly available model soldiers, some regular six-sided dice, a measuring stick and these rules.



A must-have resource for writers who have a great idea for a tale of soldiers, spies or policemen, but have no experience as such. Written by a man who has spent his life wearing a uniform and carrying a gun in numerous capacities. This book gives you a clear understanding of what it’s like in the world of armed professions.





This time the fair maiden must rescue prince charming — but she’s no maiden and she doesn’t fight fair.Liddy is a convicted smuggler with one chance at a pardon. A young lieutenant, who happens to be the governor’s son, is missing in action. To succeed, she must form an alliance with the cop who arrested her, and fly deep into alien territory to get the job done. Nothing about this mission is easy; at every turn Liddy must push her courage, her resourcefulness, and her trust to the limit just to survive.In the end, there can be only one way to bring the governor’s son and his fellow survivors home, but it’s going to take a starpilot who’s truly crazy to pull it off.

All Liddy wanted was her spaceship back…was that too much to ask?
\But wouldn’t you know it, some jerk in a black jacket wanted the Sundancer too. Now two ex-cons each own half of a one-man ship. So they make a deal: the first to raise enough cash to buy the other out wins Sundancer. It’s a nice simple arrangement that can’t be screwed with. Why the only possible thing that could foul up this neat little competition is…love.
Liddy and Jack are NOT the ideal couple. They’re bringing their messed up broken selves into this whirlwind relationship without a map, a clue or even a flashlight to illuminate their way. But sometimes friendship comes natural, camaraderie grows powerful and love becomes inevitable.


As great space fleets pound each other to slag with mason cannons and photon torpedoes, the men and women of the infantry must still slug it out in the dirt. So watch your back, trooper. Always check your corners and be ready to dive for cover. This is a fight for the Ground Pounders! These rules offer a chance to simulate ground combat in a science fiction setting without spending a fortune on overpriced models.The game assumes a state of war exists between two evenly matched technological societies. The goal is a well-balanced game where tactical skill, not super weapons, determines victory.

Cover Probing For Aliens

The truth is finally revealed! We have been visited. But why are their ships saucer-shaped, and why do they avoid our great cities? What is the real explanation for the mysterious crop circles, and what the heck is up





Five Elements Cover

Five Elements – an alien, a ghost, a spaceship, a conflict with a boss, and…a fireplace poker. Discover how six authors incorporate all five elements into seven unique science fiction/fantasy short stories.

A ghost inhabits a ship transporting the last of the human race. Blue Azanti warriors, once the scourge of the galaxy, rely of the wiles of an old human friend. Aliens threaten peace when they confuse ancient Earth artifacts for weapons, and an alien goddess kills its human host to assume its form. A hunt for a fragment of banned technology spans worlds. Toy trolls attempt to save mankind from itself, and magic imbues the most ordinary household items with power.