About Clayton J. Callahan


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Clayton John Callahan has made his living principally in the “uniforms and gSeaman Callahan 1988uns” professions. Just out of high school in the 1980s he first served in the US Navy with an anti-terrorist unit while still fighting a dred battle with Acne. After 9/11 he enlisted in the US Army and is now an Iraq War veteran twice over. Between active-duty deployments, he’s worked as a deputy sheriff, a correctional officer, and as a federal special agent for US Army Counterintelligence (lots of great stories there, can’t tell any of them).

My CI BadgeHis focus is on science fiction but also has been known to dabble in spy thrillers, game design, and non-fiction writing. Most of his work can be described as “old school.” In science fiction, he finds inspiration in the styles of H. Beam Piper, Spider Robinson and Harry Harrison. As such, his SF tales focus heavily on the personal stories of the characters and not so much on the science of the future.

In game design, he favors simply rules mechanics that can be quickly learned and create a fast paced game. In this, he was greatly inspired by his youthful experience at the Black Forest Hobby Shop in Kettering, Ohio–where folks tended to use simplified “house rules” over the more complicated systems available.

He currently lives in the Portland, Oregon area and loves the climate, the people and the culture of the place with all his heart.



10 thoughts on “About Clayton J. Callahan”

  1. Here’s to the Black Forest Hobby Shop. Long may that shop live in the memory of all who learned gaming there, the back room for RPGs, and the hole in that wall where someone had thrown a Tholian destroyer. The front table where there was usually some game going on. WWII tanks, or Battletech, or just people hanging and munching on Casano’s subs , or… I vaguely remember someone who would argue over getting sour cream on their bean burritos at Taco Bell. To good time, and good memories of that time.


      1. Though the upper flat we shared by Miami Valley is no longer there. The whole building is gone last time I visited the old stomping groups.


  2. Yeah… I went back to Dayton a few months back to visit family and decided to drive around to see what I would still recognize now that I am close enough to just drive there (Wisconsin). I was even living in your neck of the woods until a few years ago in Eugene. A lot has changed in Dayton/Kettering. I was tempted to see who was still alive among the old Black Forest crowd. Aragorn, Jim, Ken, Don Cable, Bill and Dave Wells,etc… but did not have the energy or time. To be honest, I am glad to be from there instead of still living there.


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