My Niece in The Orvil!

I am totally geeking out because my niece got a bit part on The Orvil! I’ve been a fan of the show since it came out on DVD, and am looking forward to owning the next season when it’s available.

I think the show qualifies as a mediocre comedy but a rather decent space opera, and I enjoy its light sense of fun and adventure. Also, Seth MacFarlane seems intent on making the show do what science fiction used to do a lot more frequently; make comments on our modern society.

Gender issues, our relation to social media, religion, and sexuality are artfully covered in many of the better episodes and are more than worth a viewing for that reason alone. If you haven’t checked out The Orvil yet, I recommend you do–If for no other reason than to see Hollywood’s newest female star!

By Clayton J. Callahan