New Cover For A Soon To Be Clasic

Well, my friend, Seka, just informed me that she’s finally found a cover artist worthy of Dirk Moorcock. Frankly, I think Adam Jolly did a spectacular job of bringing the richly tacky story of Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy to life. It’s the kind of art that this adult novella richly deserves, and I think it does a great job of letting the readers know exactly what kind of ride there in for.

If you wish to contact Adam for a project of your own, his website is listed on the title page of this science fiction masterpiece.

Enjoy Responsibly.

Also, Adam Jolly is currently working on the cover for the upcoming sequel, Romance Raiders of The Lost Continent! I’m very much looking forward to seeing it finished sometime this spring!


New Cover Comming For Passion Pirates

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As many of you know, my “good friend,” Seka Heartly has written a space opera parody called Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy. It’s a hilarious, if very raunchy, spoof of science fiction tropes that is far more funny than erotic…but it’s also erotic.

Trouble is, the current cover has not exactly propelled the book to the literary heights that are it’s due. So a new cover has been commissioned and is now awaiting colorization. Here, we see the bold and daring Dirk Moorcock ready for action with Conductor Sobo of the Gamoran Marching band ready to battle the dreaded Rift Pirates in order to save the planet Cin.

Passion–Now In Paperback


My “good friend” Seka Heartly’s book, Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy, is now available in paperback from Amazon! This is a rollicking space adventure for the young at heart…who also happen to be over twenty-one of age.

Meet Dirk Moorcock, hero of the galactic empire, as he battles the mustache-twirling villains of villainy in order to save the Lost Galaxy.  Thrill to his daring-do while cringing at the atrocious puns, and mocked cliches of pulp era science fiction…and peek behind the curtain to reveal the adult goings on in the hut of Konie the Barbarian.

Basically, this book is a tongue and cheek space opera with just enough titillation to call it erotica, but not enough to consider it porn. I do hope you enjoy, Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy responsibly. Click the link below to find it in print on Amazon.

Crazy Lucky-A Space Romance, Now An Actual Book (with paper)


So, my sequel to The Adventures of Crazy Liddy is now available in paperback. As you may recall, Liddy often spent her spare time reading cheap romance novels with titles like Starpilot’s Mistress. This prompted my “friend,” Seka Heartly to write Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy (which is now also available on Amazon).

So, I figured, “what the hell?” Dosen’t Liddy deserve a romance of her own? And then I wrote Crazy Lucky-A Space Romance. Of course, this being Liddy, it had to take place in space, involve crime, adventure, alien races and a secret mission to save a world. It being a romance novel, it also had to involve a handsome, suave, dude with roguish charm and a sordid past.

Fun for one and all!

If you’re like me, e-books are not quite “real” to you yet. Real books are made of paper and you can hold them in your hand as you smell the ink off the pages. A real physical thing that you can cherish on your bookshelf forever. And, unlike e-books, you can throw ’em at people who annoy you. 🙂

Feel free to check out the real Crazy Lucky-A Space Romance at…


Coming Soon, A New Book of Adventure and “Romance”


Okay, now I have the release date Seka Heartly’s first novel. Look for Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy on April first. That’s right April Fool’s Day 2016.

Remember, I am NOT Seka Heartly.


After leaving the CIA, Seka Heartly worked as a model for the Italian fashion industry for over ten years before retiring to Montana to raise wild mustangs in a land no man can tame. She has never married, preferring to have exotic romances with wealthy adventurous men from around the world. She was first inspired to write Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy at a party in Paris where she met film legends Rodger Coreman and Caroline Monro.

She has no immediate plans for a second book as she is currently occupied with a project for NASA; redesigning the International Space Station.



Comming Soon, Passion & Pirates


My good friend, Seka Heartly (We’re so close we’re almost the same person) has finished her first book and I want to spread the good news. Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy will be coming out this time next month on Amazon.

It’s the stirring tale of Commander Dirk Moorcock, agent of the empress, as he battles the dreaded Rift Pirates for the planet Cin. Adventure, mayhem, sex, daring do, and more sex fill the pages of this not-for-kids space novella.

So stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and have a good time reading this farcical space opera in March of 2016!