Seka Has Struck Again!

My good friend Seka Heartley has finally released another erotic masterpiece in her Dirk Moorcock series, Romance Raiders of The Lost Continent. This time, Dirk is a former World War I ace who is hired by the mysterious Countess Rideatop to explore a land unknown to science (unless science reads a lot of Jules Verne that is). Dinosaurs! Intrigue! And Adventure! Oh, my.

Just a reminder though. Seka does not write for young readers. As Dirks amourous adventures can be as thrilling as his dogfights and saber duels. So, if you’re over 21, have a twisted sense of humor and love a good laugh, I highly recommend this spin-off to Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy.

Clayton J. Callahan



Best Bad Review Ever!


Image may contain: 2 people, textSometimes you just want people to be honest. Like this fellow who said of Passion Pirates, “Oh, dear and holy God of Ceilings, that was awful! So awful I might have to buy it anyway just for the 9.5 on the camp-o-meter!”

Seka Heartly cheerfully admits the likelihood that this guy actually read her book is quite high. Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy was never meant to be a “good” book, any more than The Toxic Avenger was meant to be a “good” movie. But that’s often the point, right?

Sometimes we are in no mood for serious literature or dark, edgy fiction. Sometimes we just want to have a good laugh and yuck it up with an author who is winking at us at every page turn. Seka is thus proud that her book is finding an audience that appreciates it.

And remember, Seka Heartley is NOT Clayton J. Callahan (it says so on the title page of her book).

Sex In Science Fiction

So, first off, this is likely to be my most popular post this month. And secondly, it’s not going to be “dirty.” Instead, this is intended to be a serious discussion of sex in fiction and how it should be portrayed.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying some sexual acts should be portrayed but not others. Heck no! The sky’s the limit these days depending on what kind of reader a writer wishes to attract. However, I am saying that sex scenes need to fit within the context of the larger story, and not be considered apart from that. Otherwise, they are a needless distraction at best and a turn off at worst.

If the story is not about sex or romance in particular, an author can simply shut the bedroom door on the readers when sex arises. Two or more characters engage in some kind of lead up, and then they go away someplace to have sex. The story then resumes after the copulation, and the reader then discovers what the results of the sex were as far as plot and character development.

Naturally, if your story is a romance, the sex should be a little more explicit. However, as the term “romance” implies, it’s not about the physical act of love as much as the emotional content of it. The reader should find the scene compelling because of the emotional weight the characters feel while engaging in sex. Sure, some “naughty” things will be mentioned, but that’s not where the emphasis should be.

And then there’s erotica, or “porn” if you will. In this type of fiction, the reader should know what they’re in for on page one. Let’s face it, many people are uncomfortable with explicit sex scenes, and they have a right not to have it thrust in their face. However, for those who do choose to read erotica, they expect their money’s worth. Here, emotional content and plot take a back seat to explicit descriptions of fornication. And that’s fine. However, the challenge of erotica is for a writer to make it interesting. Face it, folks, the mechanics of sex itself are pretty boring and unless the author can get creative in the descriptions, the whole thing can be rather dull.

And here’s where I feel compelled to mention my good friend Seka Heartley. As of now, her adult book; Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy is selling so well she’s working on a sequel (after having promised never to write a book like that again). In her case, she uses humor and over the top metaphors to liven up the sex scenes. And, recently she received an extremely high compliment from a veteran SF master who said; “What I like about the sex in this book is that neither party is being exploited. It’s all mutual.” She liked hearing that because she very much wanted the reader to have as good a time as the characters she wrote about.

Sure, for reasons of plot, some other fiction may contain less than pleasant sex. If the story is about a rape victim recovering from the trauma, we may need to read about the experience to get into the character’s head. But pleasant of not, I believe sex scenes in fiction must merge with the work as a whole.

Therefore, I’m just as comfortable with writers who close the bedroom door as those who describe all the sorted details. For me, it simply depends on what kind of story is being told that determines whether sex is an enhancement or a tedious distraction of the tale.

By Clayton J. Callahan

By the way, if any of Seka’s fans are reading this; her new book is due out in the spring of 2018. Look for Romance Raiders of The Lost Continent on Amazon.

New Cover For A Soon To Be Clasic

Well, my friend, Seka, just informed me that she’s finally found a cover artist worthy of Dirk Moorcock. Frankly, I think Adam Jolly did a spectacular job of bringing the richly tacky story of Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy to life. It’s the kind of art that this adult novella richly deserves, and I think it does a great job of letting the readers know exactly what kind of ride there in for.

If you wish to contact Adam for a project of your own, his website is listed on the title page of this science fiction masterpiece.

Enjoy Responsibly.

Also, Adam Jolly is currently working on the cover for the upcoming sequel, Romance Raiders of The Lost Continent! I’m very much looking forward to seeing it finished sometime this spring!

Going to Orycon 39!

So…it’s coming up on my favorite Con of the year. I haven’t missed but one Orycon since I moved to Oregon, and that year I was in Iraq.

This year I’m once again a panelist and will be speaking on such wide-ranging topics as Getting Your First Professional Sale to Wonder Woman How to be her and feel comfortable doing so. And you can be sure the guys where I work are more than a little curious as to how I’m going to pull that second one off. I will also be doing an after hours, erotic reading (with a little help from my wife) of Seka Heartley’s classic Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy.

So, If you find yourself in the Portland area next month, I know this great party and recommend you check it out at the Red Lion Hotel in Jenson Beach, Oregon. Learn more by checking the link below.

New Cover Comming For Passion Pirates

Image may contain: 1 person

As many of you know, my “good friend,” Seka Heartly has written a space opera parody called Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy. It’s a hilarious, if very raunchy, spoof of science fiction tropes that is far more funny than erotic…but it’s also erotic.

Trouble is, the current cover has not exactly propelled the book to the literary heights that are it’s due. So a new cover has been commissioned and is now awaiting colorization. Here, we see the bold and daring Dirk Moorcock ready for action with Conductor Sobo of the Gamoran Marching band ready to battle the dreaded Rift Pirates in order to save the planet Cin.

Passion–Now In Paperback


My “good friend” Seka Heartly’s book, Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy, is now available in paperback from Amazon! This is a rollicking space adventure for the young at heart…who also happen to be over twenty-one of age.

Meet Dirk Moorcock, hero of the galactic empire, as he battles the mustache-twirling villains of villainy in order to save the Lost Galaxy.  Thrill to his daring-do while cringing at the atrocious puns, and mocked cliches of pulp era science fiction…and peek behind the curtain to reveal the adult goings on in the hut of Konie the Barbarian.

Basically, this book is a tongue and cheek space opera with just enough titillation to call it erotica, but not enough to consider it porn. I do hope you enjoy, Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy responsibly. Click the link below to find it in print on Amazon.