Look for a New Book In The Fall of 2016!

Crazy Lucky Promotion

I am very happy to announce that I just signed another contract with Double Dragon for my third science fiction novel! It’s a sequel to both The Adventures of Crazy Liddy and Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Can Liddy and Jack share a one person starship, or will someone go out the airlock before love can bloom?


Free on Amazon

From October 9th to 14th, Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow will be offered for free on Amazon. It’s the short story that inspired my latest novel so, please enjoy a free beer on me!

Amazon cover immage
In space, no one can hear you burp. And that’s good, when your smuggling beer past the despotic Isis Regime. Lucky Jack Galloway has been getting away with this lucrative crime for a long time now. His secret? Never get involved in anyone else’s…