And The Fans Cried Out: “Moorcock, Moorcock, Moorcock!”

So, this is unexpected. My good friend, Seka Heartley, has had such amazing success with Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy, and Romance Raiders of The Lost Continent, that fans are already demanding another Dirk Moorcock novella.

So she’s rolling up her sleeves and starting on Savage Swordsmen of The Lost Kingdom. In this one, Dirk of the barbarian Moorcock tribe must ally himself with an exotic sorceress to save the lost throne of Venusia from The Cult of Infernal Chastity.

Will Dirk once again rise to the occasion to satisfy his reading public? Seaka sure hopes so and plans to have the new novella out by late fall of 2018. In the meantime, Dirk Moorcock’s adventures can be discovered in her two already published works.