Crazy Lucky-A Space Romance, Now An Actual Book (with paper)


So, my sequel to The Adventures of Crazy Liddy is now available in paperback. As you may recall, Liddy often spent her spare time reading cheap romance novels with titles like Starpilot’s Mistress. This prompted my “friend,” Seka Heartly to write Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy (which is now also available on Amazon).

So, I figured, “what the hell?” Dosen’t Liddy deserve a romance of her own? And then I wrote Crazy Lucky-A Space Romance. Of course, this being Liddy, it had to take place in space, involve crime, adventure, alien races and a secret mission to save a world. It being a romance novel, it also had to involve a handsome, suave, dude with roguish charm and a sordid past.

Fun for one and all!

If you’re like me, e-books are not quite “real” to you yet. Real books are made of paper and you can hold them in your hand as you smell the ink off the pages. A real physical thing that you can cherish on your bookshelf forever. And, unlike e-books, you can throw ’em at people who annoy you. 🙂

Feel free to check out the real Crazy Lucky-A Space Romance at…


Just Saw Ghostbusters For The First Time Since 1984


So, here’s the thing, I’m old. Not ancient, mind you, nor over the hill. But I ain’t as young as I used to be and that’s for damned sure. For instance, the first time I saw a Ghostbusters movie I was sixteen years old and hadn’t even had my first car accident…yet.

Straight to the point: I loved the original movie. The creative team behind the film found a wonderful kernel of joy that propelled a great movie. I laughed, I cried, I kissed six bucks goodbye (and that included popcorn).

So now I’m forty-eight years old, just saw the reboot, and I loved it. NOT because it’s the old Ghostbusters, but because it’s the new one. Here’s a secret, and I hope you’re listing Hollywood, reboots, and sequels can NOT be plain old rehashes of the original material. While giving a respectful nod to the original material is important, something fresh and wonderful must be brought before the audience or just don’t bother.

Is this an easy balancing act to pull off? Hell, no!

Fans are fickle and it can be hard to figure out what tripped their trigger in the first place. However, with Ghostbusters, the new team seemed to nail it (perhaps because they were fans of the original, to begin with). The 2016 Ghostbusters did not try to be the same 1984 movie in female form. Instead, they gave us a completely different set of characters with different personalities. However, the camaraderie and friendship that endeared us to the old team is also alive in the new. In other words, they found that kernel.

Forget the ghosts and the gimmicks. The original movie was about misfits. The ghostbusters were losers who nobody would believe and nobody would hire. Nevertheless, they had a lot to offer the world and each other and, through friendship, they overcame evil and saved the city. That’s what made Ghostbusters great and that kernel was front and center in this new film.

Sadly, Hollywood gets it wrong as often as they get it right. Exhibit A in this case would be Men In Black II. In MIB II, we got a sad rehash of all the gimmicks of the first movie with none of the heart. I have also, so far, been unimpressed with the Star Trek reboot.In the new

In the new Star Trek, we have great actors who do a fine job of recreating the original characters, but JJ Abrams has shown he has no understanding of what makes Star Trek great (here’s a hint–it has to do with good stories to tell). Now, to be fair, I have not seen Star Trek: Beyond yet so I can not judge that film–the other two, however, needed another director badly!

As I write this, I know that I am soon to be judged by this same standard. Crazy Lucky: A Space Romance is due to be released by Double Dragon Press next month. It is a sequel to another book of mine, The Adventures of Crazy Liddy, that came out last year. The first Liddy book was a straight up adventure story, and I purposely decided not to do another adventure plot for the new book. Instead, I wrote Liddy into a romantic comedy to shake things up. She’s still Liddy, and I think my audience will still connect with the great kernel of who she is as a character–without my having to rehash old plots and gimmicks. How successful will this attempt prove to be?

Time will tell.

Ever heard of Slippery Jim DiGriz?

Me and the Stainless Steel Rat

No…where were you in the 80s?

Okay, so it’s been a while since the Stainless Steel Rat was popular but, trust me, he was huge. Harry Harrison’s interplanetary hero/criminal was the star of twelve novels and three spin-off comic books from 1961 until 2010. The Rat was justifiably compared to James Bond as Sci-Fi’s own heroic icon. The role-playing game Traveller even referenced him in the book Citizens of The Imperium and held a contest around it.

Likening himself to a rat made of stainless steel, James Bolivar DiGriz is an overconfident adrenalin junkie who steals only from the wealthy and refuses to kill anybody due to his sincere atheist beliefs (although he will beat the crap out of folks without compunction).

The Stainless Steel Rat books are pure and simple space opera adventure. Harrison frequently made social commentary in them, sure, but never let it bog down a good chase scene or prison escape. The character of Slippery Jim reminds me of an over-excited teenager, always rushing wherever his passions take him. This, naturally, gets him in a lot of trouble which leads to flashes of self-loathing which are then to be chased away by blustering overconfidence. Frankly, the Rat’s quite a trippy character and by himself makes for most of the fun in the novels.

It’s the Stainless Steel Rat’s galaxy, and all the other characters just live in it.

So, why not have him run for president? At least, that’s what Harry Harrison asked himself about 1980 or so. Perhaps he was inspired by Regan’s election, who knows?

In The Stainless Steel Rat for President, Harrison puts the Rat on a banana-republic planet where he takes on the self-appointed mission to unseat the world’s dictator by rigging the already rigged election so the will of the people can shine through all the cheating.

I originally read this book in junior high when it still had that “new book” smell (published in 1982). I’m pleased to report the book has not faded in its glory. The Stainless Steel Rat for President is still a fun space romp and makes for good light reading. And hey, if we’re lucky, someday we might have an atheist president who only steals from the wealthy and refused to kill anybody.

I think that would make a nice change.

New Paperback on Amazon

Amazon is now offering my second novel; Crazy Liddy as a paperback for only $15.99! That’s five bucks cheaper than you’ll get it on Lulu. If you’re just not the e-book type and have been waiting to get your hands on a good SF adventure, I humbly recommend you check it out.2-crazy-liddy-510

New Video For Crazy Liddy


Check out my latest video feturing that crazy starpilot; Liddy!