Coming Soon, A New Book of Adventure and “Romance”


Okay, now I have the release date Seka Heartly’s first novel. Look for Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy on April first. That’s right April Fool’s Day 2016.

Remember, I am NOT Seka Heartly.


After leaving the CIA, Seka Heartly worked as a model for the Italian fashion industry for over ten years before retiring to Montana to raise wild mustangs in a land no man can tame. She has never married, preferring to have exotic romances with wealthy adventurous men from around the world. She was first inspired to write Passion Pirates of The Lost Galaxy at a party in Paris where she met film legends Rodger Coreman and Caroline Monro.

She has no immediate plans for a second book as she is currently occupied with a project for NASA; redesigning the International Space Station.