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I want to thank each reader who graciously supported me by purchasing the book, despite knowing that at some point it would likely pop up as a freebie for a few days. The gesture is lovingly appreciated for all it signifies.

Each review is a gift and results in a spontaneous happy dance. Somewhere, someone is taking the time to gather thoughts, click over to Amazon, and share an opinion with other readers. Here’s what a few reviewers are saying:

Interesting Fantasy Read!
“The Sorcerer’s Garden” by D. Wallace Peach is a truly unique and interesting read. The story seems ordinary at first but quickly takes an epic fantasy turn. The main character is a 28-year-old named Madlyn who is not having the greatest luck with her relationships or her career. By chance, she gets a new job that involves reading to a man who is in a vegetative state. Madlyn thinks the job will be boring and mundane but it turns into so much more as Madlyn is literally sucked into the book that she’s reading the man. She appears as a princess in the story and faces off against others that she knows in real life. The author then takes readers on an unforgettable back-and-forth journey between “real life” Madlyn and the Madlyn in the storybook.

I find it very hard to describe “The Sorcerer’s Garden” because of the back-and-forth and unique storyline but would recommend it to fantasy and adventure genre fans. The author does a good job creating a world of interesting characters and not only showing them in one setting, such as the real world but also in the book setting that the main character is reading. I look forward to reading more from D. Wallace Peach after reading this book.

My Learning Disability = My Superpower


For those of you who didn’t know; I, author Clayton J. Callahan, am “learning disabled.”

At least, that’s what they called it when Jimmy Carter was president and I was in grade school. I spent most of my public education in “special education classes,” which usually meant I’d go to a small room behind the gym where Ms. Be-nice-to-the-slow-kids offered tailored programs in math or reading.

To be frank, I hated it.

I hated the label, I hated the separation from other kids, I hated being bullied for it, and I hated the fact that I needed any accommodation whatsoever. I never considered myself stupid, and I knew for a fact that in many ways I was smarter than the kids who picked on me. For instance, I have always been well spoken and good at reading social situations. I also had a knack for storytelling that made me a welcome “game master” at role playing games in my teens. But as to my math and spelling….well, I was always more than a bit behind in that stuff.

So, where am I now? Mr. Carter hasn’t been president for many of my reader’s lifetimes, and I haven’t walked into a public classroom since I got my bachelors at Miami of Ohio back in 1995. That’s right, I graduated from a university and it only took me five years (some classes needed to be taken more than once) to get my degree. I have since raised a family, served in Army Intelligence, worked as a deputy sheriff, taught public school and published three novels (with a fourth one on the way). Not bad for one of Ms. Be-nice-to-the-slow-kids students.

So why do I call my learning disability a superpower?

Because it forced me to keep learning! I’ve worked with “smart” people. By that I mean, folks who were told from an early age that they were smart and could expect good things to come. Not only are these people often arrogant jerks, but they have a very hard time improving themselves. When faced with failure, the “smart” people I am referring to just can’t handle it. They shift blame or make elaborate excuses instead of grappling with the real problem. They then try to pretend that the mistake never happened and continue to behave as they did before. People like me, however, never expected things to go perfectly and we react rather differently.

When things blow up in my face (and they do), I find it easy to take responsibility—because I expected to have problems all along. I then listen to criticism and change my behavior so that I am less likely to make the mistake again. Do I improve all at once? No, but I don’t expect to ether. I do however stay wary of my faults and improve by stages while I gain understanding about where I went wrong in the first place. I can then use my experience to help others. This makes me a pretty good teacher as I can clearly describe to a learner what problems they are likely to face and how to handle them.

I never let my learning disability stop me. I simply have too much to do before I die and don’t have the time to waste. I have talents and I am determined use them; even when that means facing my deficits head on.

People who read my books have sometimes pointed out a spelling error or two. “Thank you,” I say, “I’ll fix that in the second edition.” However, people have also told me they are impressed by how many good quality stories I’ve published in such a short time.

“How did you get as good as you are so fast,” they ask. I tell them, “I listened to the advice of every one who ever critiqued my work and fixed problems as I went.”

I never expected to be perfect. But I continue to learn and I continue to improve. That is my superpower!

New Paperback on Amazon

Amazon is now offering my second novel; Crazy Liddy as a paperback for only $15.99! That’s five bucks cheaper than you’ll get it on Lulu. If you’re just not the e-book type and have been waiting to get your hands on a good SF adventure, I humbly recommend you check it out.2-crazy-liddy-510

Amazon’s New Offering

Cover Screaming Eagle

GREAT NEWS!!! My first book, Tales of The Screaming Eagle is now available on Amazon as a paperback for $16.99. Previously it was only available as a paperback through and the Amazon offering is about four bucks cheaper. This took a mountain of effort as Amazon couldn’t figure out that my publisher had the rights to do this until I sent them a copy of my contract. Enjoy the book, everybody.

Latest Book

Red Coat Running ad

My latest book is a spy novel called Red Coat Running. I have always been facinated with the earily cold war and this was a chance to explor my passions. I also was able to draw on insights gleened when I served as a US Army Counterinteligence agent in Iraq.

Recently I did a video that captures the spirit of the book. Check it out by clicking on the link below: