Everything is Politics Now

Image result for indiana jones punching nazi

I recently posted this pic to a Diesel Punk fan page, and Holy Mother of Mayonaze did it get attention. A loud and spirited “discussion” quickly took place on the rightness or wrongness of punching Nazis.

Now, I will say right here and now that I concur with the assessment of Dr. Henry Jones Senior (You know, Indie’s dad) when he referred to the Nazis as “the slime of humanity.” The crimes committed by Hitler and his followers cannot be excused or forgotten. However, I will not say whether or not I think every skin-headed moron with a swastika tattoo should be punched on sight. Rather, I will let the people who know me imagine under what circumstances I would (and have) punched anyone.

What I will say is this:

The above pic has been around for a long time. I think I first saw it back in 2010 but it may be older. At the time I first saw it, nobody would have thought this picture had anything to do with current events. The Nazis had been consigned to the dustbin of history for so long that joking about punching one was in the same category as punching a Viking warrior or Roman Centurian. However, I am sad to say that no longer seems to be the case in America and that depresses me.

Folks, we Americans need to step up our game. The fact that Nazis are now a living breathing force in our politics can only be called a national disgrace. After all, we are the nation that led the Allied forces to defeat Hitler in the first place! In fact, I once proudly served with the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division, also known as the “Band of Brothers,” who recently had a TV series made about how we smashed Nazi Germany flat back in the day.

Today, I am a science fiction writer. As such, I am always imagining what the future will be like, and in none of my works will you find Nazis occupying that future. And the reason for that is quite simple to tell; Nazis only belong in America’s past, and the more distant the past the better.

By Clayton J. Callahan

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