What Is It About Wargames?

Hey, I’m a peace-loving guy, right? Sure, I served in Iraq, but I certainly didn’t have much fun over there. So what is it about miniatures wargames that I have always found so darn appealing?

Well, actually their fun in lots of ways.

For one, I love the modeling. I find it very relaxing to just sit at a table with a bunch of plastic bits, some paint and a bit of glue to create something cool. And unlike playing a video game, I get a sense of accomplishment when I’m done. Where before there was nothing remarkable, now there is a platoon of British 8th Army troops ready to battle the Nazis in North Africa!

Then there is the social aspect of the games. I quite enjoy sitting around a game table with like-minded fellows over pizza and beer as we plot each other’s demise.  Sometimes, I’m not even all that concerned with winning as much as seeing how a particular maneuver works out. That’s right, I make decisions out of novelty as much as out of strategy just because I enjoy playing with possibilities.Thus, my experience is the very definition of “friendly competition.” I enjoy winning, but I also enjoy the interaction with friends and the escapism of it all.

I’ve been at this hobby since about 1981, which makes me a “grognard,” and if you don’t know what that means, you aren’t one yet, kid. And I intend to be at this hobby until I’m dead and buried…and maybe a little after. Heck, I’ve even published a couple of miniatures wargames that may be played long after I’m gone.

Harkening back to the “good old days” of gaming, my wargames are simple, quick moving and inexpensive. The hobby has changed a lot in the past couple of decades, but I suppose I haven’t. Give me a good set of models, and some good companions and I’m ready to roll dice any time, and I hope you are too.

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