No More Time For Pleasant Fiction

Raised Fist

So…it’s like this.

I used to be a writer. I wrote fiction to make people laugh, smile, cry and think. I wrote non-fiction to help other writers write fiction. Also, I designed simple and fun tactical games that have been well reviewed. And I genuinely enjoyed writing fiction and designing games and hope to return to it someday. But today is not that day.

To my fans, I say, “thank you.”

Unfortunately last night, my country chose a bigoted fascist to be our next commander in chief, and that is one thing I can not abide. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to American democracy since King George III. He is a narcissist who has never in his life done a damn thing except promote himself, and take from others that which he could not himself earn. He is a racist, a misogynist and the worst possible human being that America could have picked to be its leader.

And I love America!

I have full faith and confidence that he will appoint incompetent sycophants to important positions in the government, abuse his position to pursue personal vendettas…while trying to “monetize” his position as leader of the free world. I believe it likely that he will be impeached before his first two years are over. The only question then becomes, “How many people will die first.”

Playtime is over. I had hoped to spend this phase of my life re-discovering the joy I experienced as a youth through science fiction and other hobbies. But now, I have been called to duty, and I intend to use every means at an American citizen’s disposal to rid my nation of this pestilent disease.

Again, thank you for your patronage, and I am glad so many of you enjoyed my books. If things change for the better, I hope to return to writing some day.

Thank you,

Clayton J. Callahan


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