Performing in Persona

Someone who thinks about stories deeply. I appreciate her work as she seems to appreciate mine. The best kind of win-win.

Bardingly Go

Recently, this blog post made the rounds on Facebook among the bardic communities who frequent there. When I saw it and read it, I knew it was special.

When performing, my goals are twofold – to tell a good story -and to make my audience believe I am my persona telling the tale. So far I’ve not gotten great at that second bit.

But reading about this man telling a story to Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, and getting a ring for it, made me want to redouble my efforts to tell tales in persona.

So, how shall I do this? Well, let’s begin with ‘what is my persona?’

I am a late 14th century woman, born in Ireland to minor gentry. I’ve had some education (i.e. I can read a little and write a little). I’ve been on pilgrimage, attoning for the death of my first husband in a…

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