We’re All About To Get Crazy Lucky!


So, I just got word from my publisher, Double Dragon Books, that Crazy Lucky: A Space Romance is now available wherever books are sold online. That’s right, I wrote a romance novel.

This book picks up where The Adventures of Crazy Liddy left off: Crazy Liddy Schmidt is out of prison and ready to get her ship (the Sundancer), and her life back. Unfortunately, during the three years, she spent in the joint, somebody else bought the Sundancer. The good news is, she heard that same somebody also got busted and the ship is once again up for grabs. So she’s off to the customs auction to stake her claim.

This book also picks up where my short story, Beer Today Gone Tomorrow left off: Lucky Jack Galloway has just gotten out of jail and is intent on reclaiming his ship (the Sundancer). He heard it’s up for auction and hopes he can nab it before anybody else can…to include that pretty blond who keeps outbidding him.

Naturally, when Liddy and Jack meet it is not love at first sight. So the question becomes, “Can these two willful star-pilots share a one man ship without somebody getting shoved out an airlock?” And if they manage to do that…will they fall in love before the giant alien ship they discover on the frontier eats them for breakfast?

Find out in Crazy Lucky, available on Amazon and wherever else books are sold online.


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