Rose City Comicon, 2016…Fun!


It’s a wonderful age to be a nerd.

And, it’s been a pretty good weekend for me and a couple thousand other nerds in the Northwest too. I often say I’m lucky to live in Oregon, and one reason is certainly the high concentration of geekdom in this locality.

comicon-crowdRose City Comicon has been going strong for about five years now. At first, it competed for space at the Portland Convention Center with a grocer’s convention but, now, the whole joint is ours! I suppose the celebrities draw much of the crowd. Summer Glau of Firefly fame bumped elbows with Marvel’s Stan Lee and Grimm’s Russell Hornsby. As to me, I’ve never been much of a celebrity watcher. Sure, if I found myself on a plane next to Peter Mayhew, I’d relish the chance to talk to him. But I wouldn’t stand in line for hours just to briefly shake his hand and get an autograph. That’s why it was such a cool thing to run into Phill Foglio!


The author/artist of Buck Godot (see earlier post) was sitting in front of a pile of his merchandise, running his own cash register and talking to fans. He was quite personable and treated his fans like gold. These days he’s heavily invested in his hit Girl Genus series of graphic novels that he co-writes with his wife Kaja. I asked him why Buck Godot wasn’t exactly on his front burner these days, and he confessed Buck didn’t sell well and he needs to make a living.

I hear ya’, Mr. Foglio, I hear ya’.

I also mecomicon-doctorst some wonderful fans from around the Northwest, including two who did fantastic cosplays of my  favorite Doctor Who incarnations (I love it when they get the details right).

Locally, I ran into the Concordia Clan of the Mandalorian Mercenaries Costume Club. A great bunch of guys who raise money for a Portland area youth charity called Outside In. Feel free to contact them at if you want to attend one of their armor making parties or just hang out.

Now, I’ve got to say, I’ve been attending science fiction conventions since the mid-1980s. Back then, you were lucky to be part of two-hundred geeks showing up in a downscale hotel on the bad side of town.Today,  I am constantly amazed at how the community of fans has grown. Back in the long ago, you whispered that you were a fan and hoped people would be kind. Today, there’s such a thing as “geek pride” and we gather in huge crowds to celebrate our passions.

What a fascinating, modern age we live in indeed.

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