No Higher Complement 

I recently received a five-star review for Tales of The Screaming Eagle on Amazon and was totally blown away by it. Not because it was five-stars (Screaming Eagle had quite a few before) but because “Kindle Customer” compared me to Spyder Robinson.

5 stars

It reads: Reborn Spyder Robinson!
August 8, 2016
     What are the chances a Callahan writes the best space yarn bar story since the many tales of Spyder Robinson? Well written, flowing and inventive. Can’t wait for sequels!!
This is not my first comparison to a Hugo Award-winning author. I am humbled to say that another Amazon review compared me to Arthur C. Clark. Now, to be clear, my head can only get so big. I will flat out declare that I am not as good as these science fiction greats, and on a more basic level I’m just glad somebody likes my stories.
Callahan's Place But here’s the thing: Spider Robinson (who is NOT dead) is one of my personal SF heroes. True, Arthur C. Clark is amazing, but his books can be a bit dry. Clark focused heavily on the science and not so much on the human aspects of his fiction. Spider Robinson, however, was all about people. His rich and textured characters leaped off the page and his stories were well-paced, humorous, romps with an underlying ethical message that I strongly relate to.
Again, I am humbled and flattered by every fan who takes the time to read one of my books. I also appreciate getting feedback through Amazon reviews. But as good as I may be, I will never match Robinson. If you get the chance, look him up. His work is mostly out of print, but through the magic of the internet, that’s really not a problem at all.
I even did a video on him. Feel free to check it out.
PS: I’m NOT Spider reborn…he’s not dead yet.

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