Anyone for a game of Star Flux?

Me & Star Flux

So, on a whim, I bought a pack of Star Flux cards for our family vacation. We were camping, and I knew we’d want something to do with our evenings. As my family are all nerds like me, I figured a space opera card game would be worth a try. And boy, did I pick the right one!

Star Flux cardsFirst off I like simple games. My game Ground Pounders is only 13 pages and I’m quite proud of that brevity. Put simply, I don’t want to waste a lot of time pouring over rule books and then arguing with fellow players about what they mean. Nope, I just want to dive right in and have fun, and the sooner I can do that the better.

Star Flux has all the basic rules printed on one card. As you play, New Rule cards can be put down to make the game more interesting, but play never slows down as all those new rules are pretty simple as well.

Next, I have to say, I love the game’s sense of humor. Every SF trope I can think of is mocked without mercy. From the redshirts of Star Trek to the monolith of 2001:A Space Odyssey. For instance, the Goal card that combines the Unseen Force and the Robot is called “These Aren’t the Droids.” Combine the Captain and the Doctor and you get “He’s Dead”…Jim. You get the idea.

Flux, apparently, also comes in other genres; such as Zombie Flux and Monty Python Flux. Aside from the variety, there is one last thing about Flux I have to celebrate–price. When I wrote Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets, I did so with HO scale models in mind because their the cheapest on the market. I believe games should not be priced out of reach of the players and the makers of Flux seem to agree. Star Flux cost under ten dollars for the whole smash. To me, that’s the perfect price for a game that’s going to bring my family together for a long, long time to come.


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