Oops, I Did It Again


On Amazon, you will now find, Armed Professions: A Writer’s Guide. I wanted to try my hand at non-fiction and also wanted to help out my fellow writers and this seemed the best way to do both.

After spending six years in the US Navy, fourteen years in the US Army, seventeen years in law enforcement and four years as a US counterintelligence agent…I figured I might have some experience to share that writers could use.

I am not one of those arrogant veterans who insist that you have to have “been there and done that” to write good action-oriented fiction. However, I do believe that many of my talented writer friends have no idea where to begin researching for stories about the folks in uniform who tote guns for a living. The library is full of books on the subject, but few are tailored to answer a writer’s most basic questions.  This book is simply my experience cooked at a low simmer and served with some of my own historical research. The intent is to give fiction writers a hand up, and I think folks will find it a fun read as well.

RedactionsDespite my background, the book wasn’t easy to write. When you’ve lived and breathed the military for all your adult life, you tend to take certain assumptions for granted. I put it through my writing group twice to ensure that every possible question could be answered. Questions ranged from military culture to police brutality to spycraft. The latter necessitated that I pass the manuscript to the Department of Defense for a “security review” to ensure I didn’t leak anything that would get me in trouble (I’ve worked in prisons but have no desire to live in one).

So, check it out! The book is ready for your viewing enjoyment. I hope folks find it useful and create great works of fiction that I can someday enjoy myself.

3 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again”

  1. It’s good to know it’s there if I need it. I find myself looking up the weirdest information sometimes. . . .
    Even though I wouldn’t presume to write from the point of view of a military or police officer, I can imagine writing a protagonist dealing with one.

    Also, I do have a (self-published) book out there that required CIA permission.

    (Just a history of my Virginia neighborhood, but one of the historic homes is inside the CIA compound. I considered poking my camera through the fence to take a photo, and then rethought. That so-called birdhouse up on a pole isn’t really a birdhouse. So I emailed and got permission to use the official CIA photo of that home instead.)


  2. I agree with D. Packed full of information on various services, the book is fun to read and fill of interesting tidbits.

    Who’s buried under the Naval Academy altar? I know…do you?


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