New Short Story Available on Amazon!

Time Travel Impossible Cover


This was the first short story I ever wrote professionally. Its historical science fiction, which means that it uses advanced science in a backward period. In this case the science is time travel and the period is World War II.

I have worked extensively in the prison system, and in that capacity have met many modern Nazis. Professional decorum prevents me from discussing politics whit these guys, but to be frank, I just want to shake ’em. That’s right, grab ’em by the shoulders and say, “You stupid son-of-a-bitch, don’t you know that the Nazis lost for a reason and that not even the German people are sorry for that today? Don’t you know that the Nazi beliefs are so screwed up that no one with any critical thinking skills can entertain them without vomiting?”

But no, modern Nazis are as stupid as their name implies. So I wrote a story. A story about time travel that forces people to look at themselves through the eyes of history and see what the rest of the world sees. Will this story convert any modern Nazis? Probably not. Those dim-wits seldom read anyway. However, for the rest of us, the story can be eye-opening to view the world from the perspective of the greatest failures in world history.

The story sells for only $2.50 and is available on Amazon.

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