A Shout-Out To Star Pilot’s Lament


While I was in Iraq in 2011, my daughter sent me a CD by a guy I had never heard of.  Kielen King is a Portland, Oregon based artist who specializes in science fiction hip hop music.  Yep, SciFi hip-hop.
To be honest I didn’t expect to be impressed.  My musical tastes fossilized around 1982, but anything my daughter would bother to send 3,000 miles I was definitely going to listen to. I was, and remain, impressed.  Kielen King has a clear voice and a knack for storytelling.  His smooth, jazzy melodies tell an exciting tale of a space bounty hunter on the chase.

If Star Run ever has a sound track, this guy ought to write it.  “One warp drive, two force pistols and a weapons bay full of pissed off missiles.  You better leave now or kiss that ship good by, ’cause I’m here to help you die…”Awesome stuff.  If an old curmudgeon like me likes it, the younger audience he is aiming for should love it.

I highly recommend you go to his site on our LINKS page, and check out Star Pilot’s Lament.

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