Gender Roles and Action Heros


37069_originalClaudiaBlack-AerynSun-Farscape-Promo03So, here’s the deal; I’m a feminist. By that I mean I’m one of those weird guys who looks at women as if they’re actual human beings. That being said, human beings come in all shapes and sizes, and I see no reason to be restricted by “traditional” gender rolls. Within the pages of my books are tough men and tough women. I also have the occasional week man and week woman, just to spice it up.

The most “manly” man in my first book, Tales of The Screaming Eagle, was Burt; the body building, starship engineering, gay guy from Texas. Now with my latest novel, The Adventures of Crazy Liddy, I get asked, “Is Liddy, manly or girly?” Well, she likes to cook and enjoys romance novels–she also has a gun fetish and loves to drive a spaceship fast and reckless. She loves men…as playthings, and is put off by lesbians (although she grows more tolerant by the end).

Is this new in fiction? In reality? I think not. I’ve served in the US Army and Navy with all kinds of men and women from all over the country. No two snowflakes are alike and nether are any two men or women. In fiction, as in reality, I think we should celebrate what makes people unique; and not worry so much about what “role” they fill.

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